From the smallest enclosure to an entire building, Biodecon engineers can provide a customised treatment with the Bioquell Rapid Bio-Decontamination Service(RBDS). The service is available for scheduled needs, emergency response situations, and as part of disaster recovery protocols. Full reporting with validated results through the use of Bioquell biological and chemical indicators are provided after each decontamination service.

For Life Sciences

If you need decontamination but do not have the resources, time or equipment, Biodecon has your solution. From the smallest enclosure to a large building, our skilled personnel provide the customized treatment you require.

Ideal for:

·       Bio Safety–Level Labs 2, 3 and 4

·       Post-Construction New-Area Commissioning

·       Additional Research Areas

·       Pharmaceutical Production Areas

·       Annual Shutdown for Area Maintenance

·       Emergency Containment Control and Elimination

For Healthcare

Infection control priorities can shift at any moment, requiring an advanced decontamination that UV and aerosolized technologies cannot provide. Biodecon’s Rapid Bio Decontamination Service (RBDS) using Bioquell technology can be quickly called upon to eliminate pathogens, stop outbreaks, handle emergency response situations and much more for any size area.

Ideal for:

·      Emergency response situations

·      Outbreak and cluster control

·      Recurring problematic pathogens

·      Commissioning spaces before and after construction

·      Scheduled or routine decontamination of critical areas

·      Mould remediation

Bioquell’s Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor technology achieves a level of efficacy unmatched by standard cleaning practices and other disinfection technologies. Unlike these methods, pathogens on every exposed surface in the area are killed with Bioquell, our unique true-vapor process ensures the disinfection is uniform across the entire target area, not limited to line-of-sight or easy-to-reach paces. Your patients and staff are protected by eliminating pathogens everywhere at any scale, from C. diff to MRSA to Ebola and more.

Why Choose the Rapid Bio-Decontamination Service

Effective Against COVID-19and Emerging Pathogens

As an EPA registered sterilant and an Emerging Viral Pathogen Disinfectant, Bioquell’s hydrogen peroxide vapour technology has proven efficacy against dangerous pathogens. With over 50 peer reviewed studies and a history of eradicating emerging pathogens from surfaces, Bioquell’s proprietary 35% hydrogen peroxide vapor technology can make an impact against COVID-19.

Our experience against coronaviruses and dangerous pathogens started in 2003 against SARS, then 2014 combatting Ebola in the US and Europe, and 2017 to prevent MERS-CoV during the Hajj. Learn more about how our technology works to eliminate pathogens from every exposed surface here.

Reporting and Confirmation

Biodecon provides a complete final report confirming a 6-log kill of the spaces or surfaces we’ve treated for you. Your serious situation deserves serious attention to detail.

Each report includes the readings of Bioquell produced, high-quality biological and chemical indicators. Bioquell’s biological indicators are made from Geobacillus stearothermophilus endospores to ensure reliable results in seeking to validate a 6-log reduction of bioburden from the decontamination process. Bioquell chemical indicators are coated with specially formulated, reactive dye to provide real-time indications of the decontamination service.

Key parts of your report also will cover detailed cycle parameters and graphs, pre- and post-vaporizing environmental conditions recorded, incubation records of the biological indicators, maps showing the placement of all equipment and indicators, equipment calibration information, and certificates of analysis for all consumables used including the hydrogen peroxide.


Bioquell’s Rapid Bio-Decontamination Service can make an impact for scheduled decontamination efforts, emergency situations, and as a pivotal part of your disaster recovery plan. Our experienced engineers are capable of managing nearly any challenge regardless of location, complexity and scope.

·      Remediation Needs

·      Emergency Response

·      Disaster Recovery Plan

·      Commissioning

·      End of Campaign and Facility Restart

·      Lab and Research Spaces

·      Hospital Related Contamination Events

Remediation Needs

Adherence to regulatory or internally-established quality control guidelines within your working environment could mean the need for recurring remediation efforts. When managed manually, these can be labour intensive, time consuming and expensive – while never fully eliminating the risk. With Bioquell RBDS you can eliminate the risk of biological contaminants on a frequent, scheduled or responsive basis.

Emergency Response

Bioquell RBDS can be deployed swiftly for nearly any size area, at any time, anywhere in the country. Our experts allow you to quickly reclaim your critical areas with precision and assurance that other alternatives do not provide.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Do you have a fast, efficient and proven solution in place for eliminating biological contaminants? Even the most aggressive efforts at eliminating biological contaminants can fail, resulting in shutdown periods of weeks to months before a site can become operational. Integrating Bioquell RBDS into your disaster recovery plans gets you back up and running more quickly.  This may be by hosting Bioquell equipment on-site with guaranteed response times and a detailed action plan already established.

End of Campaign and Facility Restart

Bioquell RBDS has been the decontamination method of choice for pharmaceutical companies worldwide during annual shutdown periods, at the end of campaigns and for facility restarts. Bioquell RBDS ensures remaining or newly introduced contaminants do not impact your workflow, while saving time and resources by removing the need for extensive manually cleaning.

Lab and Research Spaces

For qualification and quality purposes, Bioquell RBDS is often used to reset environmental conditions within lab and research spaces on an as-needed or recurring basis. Whether protecting mice and other animals from potential viruses, ensuring biosafety labs of all levels are operating within defined parameters, or responding to emergency contamination events, Bioquell RBDS can meet your needs.

Hospital Related Contamination Events

Pathogens travel quickly throughout hospitals, even with advanced infection control measures in place. Beds become blocked, infection rates increase and costs rise as a result. To stop escalated incidents and contamination events, Bioquell RBDS provides a level of decontamination across every exposed surface that manual cleaning and other automated systems cannot match.

How it works

For many of our clients, particularly in the Life Sciences, shutting down simply is not an option. They are essential to the well-being of the nation, and, often, the world. Maintaining operations has become a priority during these tough times as critical areas are at great risk of exposure to the virus. Additionally, a new threat to business continuity has emerged, the impact of COVID-19 within the administrative and office spaces.

Decontamination needs vary in scope, frequency and urgency. By using Biodecon’s Rapid Bio Decontamination Service (RBDS), you have the flexibility to retain or recover the microbial integrity of your critical areas. Every deployment includes planning, coordination, setup, equipment, cycle validation and verification, and detailed reporting.

Scalable and Adaptable to Your Needs

Your company has novel workflows, unique floorplans and varying equipment setup. This creates specific decontamination needs at different times in your operation. The flexibility of Bioquell’s RBDS is trusted by a wide range of businesses, from start-ups to multinational corporations, to eliminate contaminants at any step of a process regardless of size. You can even use our rapid response service for a single piece of equipment such as abio-safety cabinet.

Dedicated Response, an Unmatched Service Option

RBDS equipment can be hosted directly on-site, near, or even in, your critical areas. Biodecon maintains a fleet of Bioquell equipment in Melbourne and Auckland that can be deployed quickly to cover a range of rooms and spaces from xx m3 to xx m3. This provides you with the fastest possible response times.

A contaminant can quickly spread causing potentially months of downtime, valuable product wastage and nearly immeasurable financial implications. When such an emergency situation occurs, Biodecon can quickly stop this contaminant from spreading due to advanced, meticulous planning and instant access to the area impacted.

Rapid Response with Proven Results

You can quickly regain control of your clean spaces in case of an emergency caused by the introduction of a contaminant. Every minute that passes impacts production and your patients. In an emergency situation, Bioquell can help quickly. Our expert team will work with you to develop a rapid deployment plan for swift execution. Detailed reports upon completion offer results you can trust, allowing operations to resume.

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