Setting a new standard for the disinfection of ultrasound transducers - Smart Protection, Smart Flexibility, Smart Functionality, Smart Traceability, Smart Integration.

Setting a new standard for the disinfection of ultrasound transducers - Smart Protection, Smart Flexibility, Smart Functionality, Smart Traceability, Smart Integration.

The latest innovation in ultrasound probe high level disinfection, approved for use with over 1,200 ultrasound probes

As a market leader in automated ultrasound reprocessing systems, Nanosonics’ trophon® technology helps protect patients by delivering consistent high level disinfection (HLD) of ultrasound probes with every automated cycle.

The trophon2 device is manufactured in Australia by Nanosonics and distributed exclusively by Biodecon in New Zealand.  

The fully enclosed trophon technology generates a 'sonically activated' hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) mist which accesses all surfaces of the suspended probe, ensuring all crevices and imperfections of the probe surface are high level disinfected. The only by-products of the HLD cycle are oxygen and water. The trophon devices therefore effectively delivers HLD without damaging the sensitive probe surface, whilst reducing patients, staff and the environment to harmful chemicals.*

As a fully automated reprocessing system designed with the user in mind, trophon2 technology offers advanced workflow efficiencies. With traceability across the operator, probe and cycle parameters, trophon devices help demonstrate user compliance for survey and audit reporting.

What is trophon2?

Every day, 98,000 patients are protected from the risk of cross contamination because the ultrasound probe has been high-level disinfected with the trophon® device.

Since 2009, the trophon device has redefined the standard of care in ultrasound probe reprocessing providing fail-safe ultrasound probe HLD to protect patients from the risk of cross contamination.

With the introduction of the trophon®2 device, the world's best just got better. trophon2 has an enhanced user experience for greater workflow efficiencies and traceability across the workflow for demonstrated compliance, to deliver consistent patient protection with every automated HLD cycle.

Masterful Microbial Defence

The trophon device is the only automated HLD technology for transvaginal, transrectal and surface probes to meet mandatory microbial efficacy test requirements for both CE mark and FDA registration.

In addition to mandatory testing, the trophon device is demonstrated to eliminate an extended range of clinically relevant pathogens including multi-drug resistant bacteria, blood borne viruses and sexually transmitted pathogens.

Demonstrated Compliance  

AcuTrace® RFID technology simplifies the creation of accurate digital records across the reprocessing workflow to support audit readiness.

With the trophon2 device and AcuTrace, users can captures the full reprocessing workflow electronically, removing the need for manual record keeping which is time consuming and error prone.

Streamlined Workflow Efficiencies

The trophon2 device is a fully enclosed, automated HLD system that saves you time with a simple, fast and integrated workflow solution. The trophon2 device makes point of care reprocessing possible, offering a solution that has been designed specifically for patient examination rooms.

The trophon2 device is simple to operate and with minimal training, new staff members can confidently deliver consistent HLD of your ultrasound probes. With new and improved features, the trophon2 device can be configured so it is always ready when you are.

Probe Compatibility

Nanosonics, in collaboration with ultrasound probe manufacturers, has developed and implemented an industry leading probe compatibility program. Only probes approved by the probe manufacturers are listed as compatible with trophon.

Today, over 1,200 probes from all major and many specialty probe manufactures have been approved as compatible with the trophon device.

Total Reprocessing Solution

In addition to HLD, the trophon device portfolio offers a number of consumable and accessory product solutions to allow users to prepare, disinfect, track and trace, and store ultrasound probes therefore offering a complete reprocessing solution.

trophon Technology

Nanosonics trophon technology represented the first major innovation in ultrasound probe high level disinfection (HLD) in 20 years protecting patients with every automated cycle.

With the ever increasing challenges in the fight against the spread of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), trophon’s powerful disinfection technology is setting a new benchmark in protecting patients.

trophon’s high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations generate a 'sonically activated', hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) mist that kills bacteria, fungi and viruses.

trophon’s unique automated system uses ultrasonic vibration to convert high concentration hydrogen peroxide into mist particles.

This ‘sonically activated’ mist generates a high number of free radicals with oxidative properties.

One of the major benefits of sonicated disinfection when compared to other methods, such as wipes, is that the droplets of mist are so small they can get into crevices and tiny imperfections on the probe surface to ensure all the probe has been correctly disinfected.

Sensors monitor temperature, mist volume and flow rates, while sophisticated software controls all aspects of the process at all times to deliver effective disinfection – with every cycle.

After disinfection, residual hydrogen peroxide is blown out of the chamber and passes through destructors, where it is broken down into environmentally friendly oxygen and water.

Probe Compatibility

Over 1,200 probes from 26 manufacturers are tested, approved and endorsed for use with trophon® devices.

Nanosonics has implemented an industry leading compatibility program, which is conducted collaboratively with the ultrasound probe manufacturers. Only probes approved by the probe manufacturers are listed as compatible with trophon devices.

Ultrasound Probe Manufacturer's Solution of Choice

You can find the full list of probes compatible with the trophon devices here.

Accessories and Consumables

trophon NanoNebulant

NanoNebulant is a proprietary disinfectant liquid with 35% hydrogen peroxide chemistry to achieve effective high-level disinfection of the entire ultrasound probe including the shaft and handle. Incorporates AcuTrace technology to store batch and expiry details directly into trophon2.

trophon Chemical Indicator

The trophon Chemical Indicator responds to a combination of specified time, disinfectant dosage and disinfectant concentration. These critical parameters need to be met for the chemical indicator to change to a pass colour.

This qualitative colour change provides independent confirmation of success of each disinfection cycle. Indicator packaging incorporates AcuTrace technology to record and store batch and expiry details directly into trophon2.

trophon AcuTrace Operator Card

Incorporates AcuTrace technology to digitally capture operator interaction details, stored directly on your trophon2.

trophon AcuTrace Medical Instrument Tag

Incorporates AcuTrace technology to digitally capture ultrasound probe details, stored directly on your trophon2.

trophon Printer

The trophon printer is a convenient traceability solution, printing high quality trophon disinfection labels each and every cycle.

trophon Printer Label Roll

High quality printer labels with a minimum 7-year life span, appropriate for medical records.

trophon Logbook

Simplifies and systematises record-keeping while providing evidence of quality HLD reprocessing at health care facilities.

trophon Wall Mount 2

A convenient option for installing trophon2 where there are space constraints.

trophon Printer Wall Mount^

Custom designed for secure, horizontal mounting of the trophon Printer to a wall. Includes a cable tidy area for convenience.

trophon Cart

Makes trophon fully mobile for convenient point of care use and adaptability where there are space constraints.

trophon Printer Cart Mount 2^

Designed for securely attaching the trophon Printer to the trophon Cart, in an easily accessible, convenient location.

^Printer not included.

trophon EPR

In 2009, Nanosonics launched the trophon® EPR device, setting a completely new global standard in the disinfection of ultrasound probes. The patented sonicated mist technology gave sonographers, clinicians and infection preventionists a safer and more effective way to achieve high level disinfection (HLD) of both endocavitary and surface ultrasound probes.

The trophon EPR device was a faster, simpler alternative to the existing disinfection processes, mitigating the risk of exposure to toxic chemicals. It was superior and safer for both patients and health care professionals.

A decade on, thousands of healthcare facilities worldwide rely on the trophon® technology as a crucial weapon in the fight against healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).

In 2018, Nanosonics released the next innovation in the trophon story: the trophon®2 device

The trophon2 device offers an advanced user experience to deliver greater workflow efficiencies and demonstrated compliance.

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