Biodecontamination service on your doorstep

  • Advanced pathogen eradication
  • Infection prevention & control
  • Locally-based decontamination specialists

Infection prevention & control to eliminate hospital associated infections (HAIs)

High acuity units such as intensive care, high-dependency (or step-down), oncology, burns, transplant, cardio-thoracic or orthopaedic surgery sometimes need a highly effective decontamination solution to eradicate a persistent and environmentally-associated pathogen. If you want to be absolutely sure that the pathogens have been eradicated to prevent hospital-associated infections (HAIs) then don’t rely on conventional cleaning products; eliminate doubt with advanced technology proven in top hospitals.

Kills >99.9999% of pathogens

Get the gold standard in disinfection with a >6-log reduction of bacterial spores. The wide range of pathogens includes: C. diff, Acinetobacter baumannnii, norovirus, Gramnegatives and many more.

Reduces HAI rates

Patients are 64% less likely to acquire any multi-drug resistant organisms. HPV has proven results.

Evidence-based technology

Over 40 peer-reviewed studies. Proven to offer the highest efficacy again and again.

Single room bioquelled in c. 1hr

100% of the room is decontaminated. No line of sight issues. Just one cycle provides equal distribution.

What is Bioquell Local?

Flexible, cost-effective decontamination
  • Rapid response ‘bioquelling’
  • Volume-based price points
  • Eliminate doubt by ‘bioquelling’ with experienced technicians using Bioquell equipment
  • Efficient and rapid reporting, mindful of regulatory sensitivities

Why choose Bioquell Local?

Bioquell is well established as the market leader in terms of efficacy, documentation and customer service with over 250,000 deployments worldwide.

Our customers include leading ‘blue-chip’ multinational biopharmaceutical & biotech companies, world-renowned hospitals as well as the US military.

The evolution of our smallest and fastest HPV generator on the market, the Bioquell BQ-50, has allowed the development of a new service - Bioquell Local. Our nationwide team of service engineers use this new HPV generator to treat rooms and facilities up to 200m3 simply, safely and quickly.

The wireless BQ-50 calculates the optimum cycle parameters to ensure a rapid, robust cycle. Each bio-decontamination cycle is fully verified using Bioquell’s proprietary chemical indicators, HPV-CIs, which utilise a patented ink that changes colour on exposure to HPV. The four indicator panels correspond to a 2, 4, 6 or >6-log bioburden reduction and the resultant colour change is simply matched up.

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