Medigenic Mouse

An easily cleaned optical mouse.


Medigenic Mouse

An easily cleaned optical mouse.

Key Feature Highlights

A fully sealed IP67 mouse, with scrolling function enabled by buttons rather than a wheel for ease of cleaning.

Sanitize in Seconds

Featuring a flat, flexible silicone surface allowing no place for pathogens to hide during wipe down. The Medigenic mouse can be disinfected effectively in just ten seconds without having to unplug it.

The durable hypoallergenic Silicone cover is impervious to all hospital-grade cleaners.

The medical grade mouse has a fully washable waterproof housing rated to IP67 for those occasions when rinsing or full submersion is required.

Medigenic Alert Companion

When used in conjunction with the Medigenic Compliance Keyboard, a user-defined, time-based alert reminds users when it is time for cleaning.

* Clinical studies show that this system improves compliance to cleaning protocols from 27% to 87%.

Ergonomic Design

Hypoallergenic Silicone cover is durable, flexible and soft to the touch.

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