PBSC Air Lock Chamber

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PBSC sterilisation chambers provide, safe and repeatable sterilisation of large equipment and sensitive electronics for the healthcare and life sciences sectors. They are ideally suited for installation on the barrier between sterile and non-sterile areas.

In combination with the Bioquell vaporised hydrogen peroxide generator, rapid sterilization cycles of approximately one hour (subject to load) are achieved. An integrated aeration module makes the decontamination chamber self-contained and does not need to be linked to the building ventilation system. The load is sterilised to a 6-log10 reduction of viable spores. Sterilisation is qualified with a biological indicator challenge of Geobacillus stearothermphilus spores.

The bio-decontamination chamber monitors all critical control points of the disinfection cycle and if any key parameters are out of range the chamber will stop the cycle and raise an alarm.

Key Features

  • Inflatable Sealed Doors for reliable & consistent sealing
  • No Threshold easing Access for Wheeled Items
  • Can operate with Bioquell Claurus C or Clarus L Gas Generators
  • Automated Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour Sterilisation Cycle
  • Monitoring of Alarm Conditions
  • Sterilisation Process typically Under 30 degrees Centigrade
  • Constructed of Stainlesssteel Grade 304 or 316L
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