PBSC Sterilisation Pass Thru Chamber

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The HPV Pass Thru Chamber is an integrated through the wall transfer device for material transfers between different classification rooms where either an air particulate clean up or material surface bio-sterilisation is needed before transfer.

The HPV requires a Bioquell vapour generator, to be attached either room side or in a separate technical area. The bio-decontamination chamber can be fully interfaced to room construction with closing fascia panels. The sterilization transfer chamber is delivered completely assembled, pre-wired and tested.

The automated process monitors all critical control points of the disinfection cycle. The high level disinfection cycle takes between 40-45 minutes (load dependent). The load will be decontaminated before transfer via a validated 6 log reduction vaporised sporicidal gassing disinfection cycle. The developed cycle is qualified with biological indicator challenges of Geobacillus stearothermphilus.

The disinfection cycle is fully automatic with digital signal exchanges between the chamber PLC and vapour generator PLC to control the automatic configuration changes needed as the cycle phases progress.

Typical Cycle

1. Conditioning phase: reduction in relative humidity (limited impact on process in small chambers) and temperature conditioning of the vapour delivery system.

2. Gassing ramp up: to process lethal conditions - achieving saturated vapour conditions, past dew point, where hydrogen peroxide molecules are delivered to surfaces (in a micron layer) starting the oxidation process and free radical release to affect bio-decontamination.

3. Gassing Dwell: contact time of disinfectant for sporicidal activity.

4. Aeration: re-evaporation of micron-layer of disinfectant and removal of gas residuals for a residue free process. This is a joint phase with gas residual removal by the Vapour generator catalyst (20 cubic metres per hour flow rate), Aeraflow catalyst (200 cubic metres per hour flow rate) and the MAL HVAC exhaust system (200 cubic metres per hour).

Services available with the sterilisation pass thru include:

Factory Acceptance Test, IQ-OQ, Installation, Gas Cycle Development, Operator Training, Performance Qualification and Preventative Maintenance.

Key Features

  • MAL doors are interlocked so that no two MAL doors are open at the same time
  • The hydrogen peroxide vapour disinfection cycle is an automated cycle for high level disinfection of material outer surfaces
  • Full monitoring of alarm conditions
  • GAMP compliant
  • Sterilization process typically under 30°C
  • Thermal printout of cycle
  • Excellent material compatibility
  • Integrated H2O2 sensor
  • Chamber temperature probes


  • Electric lifter with height adjustment, transfer system / rack or shelves
  • GAMP Software Pack
  • Full material handling solutions
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