PBSC Inflatable Seal Doors

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If a facility requires high containment, the PBSC inflatable seal door will provide a practical and functional solution without the need for a floor threshold.

The PBSC inflatable seal door is used primarily in high containment situations where air leakage is not permitted, such as bio-hazard laboratories, pharmaceutical or medical clean rooms. The seal allows high containment during decontamination and fumigation processes.

The seal system is operated by an air pressure of 8 bar from an existing Medical Grade Compressed Air System within the building system. The door set has been independently tested to be gas tight up to 1500 pressure difference for 1 hour.

Key Features

  • Flushed glazed vision panels
  • Full wrap-around frame stainless steel or powder coated to match door leaf​
  • Custom-made doorframe to suit site specific wall thickness
  • No threshold on door frame
  • Can be prepared for integration into BMS
  • Stand alone interlock systems are available
  • Inflatable Seal around the circumference of the door leaf


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