PBSC Decontamination Showers

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PBSC Decontamination showers are constructed to a modular design using PBSC components to the client's specification be it fogging showers or air and water showers.

The fogging shower has been independently tested and validated to prove the efficiency of the fogging process to encapsulate the operatives suit. A neutralising/sterilising agent can be added at adjustable amounts to the fog, assisting in the decontamination process. The fogging shower produces low amounts of water for disposal.

The deluge shower provides total decontamination of the operator and of the internal surfaces of the shower.

PBSC decontamination showers come as stand alone units complete with their own pump system which can be placed next to or away from the unit itself. Alternatively a unit can be supplied which uses an existing site air handling system.

The system comes complete with Interlocked Doors, Adjustable Time Sequences, Emergency Override Switches and Control Panel.

Key Features

  • Fully self contained unit
  • On site assembly for pre-existing facilities
  • Re-circulating Air System
  • HEPA Filters
  • Interlocked Doors, Adjustable Time Sequences, Emergency override switches and an accessible control panel.
  • PBSC Glass Door Sets
  • Concealed Door Closer System
  • Internal Flush Lighting


  • Fully Single or Two Man Units
  • Air Only
  • Water Only
  • Air & Water System
  • Phenolic Resin or Stainless Construction
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